mike munter“Know thyself.”

This is why I’m here.

I feel my mission in this life is to get to know who I am. The more I understand about myself, the happier I’ll be. As I am happier, I have a greater impact on the world around me.

For me, getting to know myself is work. I am examining everything – fears, addictions, anger, the way I react to things, and what brings me peace, joy, and order.

I see myself getting to a point where I am “clear,” where I will be free of all those things that hold me back, all those old beliefs that aren’t true, and living from a place of love, clarity, and objectiveness.

In this “clear place,” I am healed of those things that are currently in my way – rejection, jealousy, insecurity, being too hard on myself – the list goes on and on.

I intend to use this blog for my own personal growth. I want to share the stories that have changed me and I want to share where I am still struggling. I desire to reveal and to be known.

I will do my best to speak from a place of “I” and not “you.” I will try to share from a place of “this has helped me,” not, “this is what you should do.”

I do not believe in “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition, exercise, self-help, or personal growth. We are all unique. We come from different backgrounds, with different circumstances, and different bodies.

We are all on our own journey for whatever reason that is.

Mine has been to get to know who I am – as selfish as that has sometimes been – I understand that this mission of “knowing myself” is an important part of my life.

I am always looking for clues toward this goal. I have and will continue to seek guidance from therapists, shaman, astrologers, psychics, friends, family, and lovers.

I try to do what scares me because I know fear is the sharpest definition of who I am. Whether that means jumping out of an airplane, learning to ride a bike alongside cars travelling at 55 mph, or being vulnerable in a relationship where I may wind up getting rejected.

All of these experiences provide a chance for me to find out who I am and to overcome – to become “clear.”

I can tell I’m onto something when I start to feel tears come and that last sentence touched me. I know I’m writing from a place of truth and love.

So, this is where I’ll stop, not because I’m scared to cry, but because I feel like I’m going out on a high note!

I hope you find something on this blog that inspires you.